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Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. Unlike conventional liquid paint which is delivered via an evaporating solvent, powder coating is typically applied electrostatically and then cured under heat or with ultraviolet light. The powder may be a thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer. It is usually used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint. Powder coating is mainly used for coating of metals, such as household appliances, aluminium extrusions, drum hardware, automobiles, and bicycle frames. Advancements in powder coating technology like UV curable powder coatings allow for other materials such as plastics, composites, carbon fiber, and MDF (medium-density fibreboard) to be powder coated due to the minimum heat and oven dwell time required to process these components.
We have a large-capacity curing oven that can provide powder coating curing services for large objects ranging from springs to luxurious outdoor iron gates(curing oven inner diameter size 10 feet X 10 feet X 12 feet).
We offer a range of finishes to meet your project needs.
At AllPro, we understand the importance of colour and finish as the final manufacturing stage, bringing your project from vision to reality. To get the exact finish you are looking for we offer free consultations with our friendly staff. We hold a wide range of colours in stock but also offer any colour within the RAL colour range.
A powder coating finish comes in levels of gloss from flat/matte, with no shine, to full gloss, which is the shiniest. Between these is medium gloss.
These include translucents (which add colour while also allowing the metal substrate to gleam through), and dormants (a two-step effect with a typically metallic base coat and a clear top coat to get a bright candy finish).
A metallic sheen or sparkle effect caused by the inclusion of metallic pigments like aluminium flake or mica, ranging from shimmer to glitter.
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Along with a competitive price, we aim to provide a fast turn-around time. Depending on the scale/size of the job, a typical lead time we aim to meet is 3-5 working days; from receipt of order.

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